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Based out of Seattle, Washington - Formerly Vivian's Beauty Studio -  was founded by Vivian Phan in 2016. Her two sisters Kimberly and Hannah joined the team in 2017 and they changed the name to Dollhouse Beauty Parlor. Dollhouse rapidly made its mark on the beauty industry providing the elite women of Seattle and the surrounding areas a place that they leave from feeling and looking absolutely fabulous! Vivian, Kimberly, and Hannah have performed over 5000 services and have clients who visit them from all over the world who trust them with their faces.

At Dollhouse Beauty Parlor, we specialize in Permanent Cosmetics and Training Courses. We have built a training program around educating students who are passionate about making others look and feel their best! We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and strive to give each client perfect healed results. Services are performed by the most sought after technicians utilizing the most premium products available. Our team and our products have been meticulously refined to bring you the best results. Our mission is to bring out the confidence, poise and glamour in every client and take away from the daily chore of having to draw on makeup. We are always collaborating with style gurus and brand partners around the world to share knowledge and draw inspiration for innovative and revolutionary concepts in the beauty industry.


Train at Dollhouse


The Dollhouse Beauty Parlor Training Academy was created with the intent of providing ethical, informative and intensive hands on training lead by Permanent Makeup Artist, Vivian Phan. We strive to pass on our techniques and knowledge that we have acquired over the years to help individuals seeking to further expand their knowledge in the beauty field and/or those aspiring to build their own businesses. 

White Satin

Hair stroke eyebrows created by using a manual method of tattooing that creates beautiful, subtle, and natural brows that fill in thin brows, brows with bald spots, total brow reconstruction and even alopecia. Annual touch ups are recommended to retain the shape and saturation of your brows.


Using a machine and the finest tip needle, defined hair-strokes and powdered shading can be achieved with this method. Results last longer (1-3 years) and are more defined than microblading. With this method, hair strokes are more apparent than the microblading technique when healed.


Machine tattooed lash enhancement or designer winged liner can take the hassle out of your everyday makeup routine! Anesthetic is used to minimize the pain during this procedure. Results can last between 3-10 years depending on skin type.


Saline removal is a good option for clients that want small areas of their past permanent cosmetics lightened or removed. This process does not work well for regular tattoo removal and may take several sessions to lighten the brows completely

We offer *EMERGENCY REMOVAL* which can be performed within 48 hours of your initial session!




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